About Timog.org

Timog is a publicly accessible place where I put stuff for later reference, and to write about random topics, whenever I have the time.

There are topics about everyday aspects of life in Japan in the Guide section, para sa mga Pinoy na kadarating lang sa Japan (kagaya ng mga technical intern trainee).

Other sections are for experimentation and testing, and there will be broken links and unfinished parts where I have left things either intentionally or otherwise.

Technical stuff

I wanted to build a simple site in plain html files without the need for a CMS so I used a static site generator. Hugo is perfect for this purpose. All files are in Github and deployed using Netlify.

Static site generator Hugo
Theme Hugo Flex
File repository Github
Hosting Netlify

I originally made this site with the Docsy theme, but I finally moved to Hugo Flex for its simplicity: minimalist design, lightweight, no framework, no Javascript.

For editing markdown files, I use Notepad++ and Visual Studio Code, whichever is present on the machine I’m using. Although I feel N++ is faster than VSC, I find changing color themes in N++ harder than necessary so I find myself using VSC if I want a dark color theme and N++ for a light theme.

License and terms of use

All content (text, images and other media) in Timog.org is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license.

You may use them in your website as long as you provide a link to Timog.org on each page that our content is reused.

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